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Fefe Dobson Stuttering
Juno Award nominee rocker Felicia Lily Dobson is on to her fourth single from Joy, the Canadian artist's third album if you count the unreleased Sunday Love. TWO years (Imagine that!) after the first single from Joy saw the light comes the piano-led, more-pop-than-rock Stuttering.

It starts off with sweeping piano strokes that lead me to assume Stuttering is a ballad of sorts until clapping beats layer over it. The hook does its job very well, as it builds up and explodes into the infectious "oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh" chorus. I like how the piano notes in the intro are present throughout the track, and the violin intermission between the second verse and the hook is a detail worth mentioning. Stuttering follows a pop formula we're all familiar with, so it's not entirely fresh sonically speaking, but it's still quite a treat to the ears.

Fefe Dobson is giving away free copies of Stuttering for a limited time before its September 7 release, so go get yours now!



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