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Robyn Body Talk Pt. 2
As the album cover suggests, Body Talk Pt. 2 is all sorts of eargasm. Swedish popstar Robyn has arrived with the second volume of the Body Talk series. I wasn't entirely impressed with part one, except for the melancholic disco masterpiece Dancing On My Own and the acoustic version of Hang With Me, which appears on this second volume in all its synthtastic glory.

Body Talk Pt. 2 opens with In My Eyes, a track I believe has a fistful of emotion and a lot of impact. There is no lyrical scarcity as Robyn coos, "Hey little star, don't be afraid | we all fall apart and make mistakes", whose shimmery positivity continues throughout the synth-heavy track. Include Me Out is synth-powered as well, mostly low and deep with tinkles sprinkled over it. Plus, that rapping in the middle eight is just pure fun ("Can I get a bam bam for all of my watchamacallits doing whatever and with whoever they like?"). Very much like Dancing On My Own, Hang With Me in its Pt. 2 version is a wistful dancey tune with the same lyrical elegance, but catchier.

Love Kills is as grim as Robyn can get on the album, with lines such as, "If you’re looking for love | Get a heart made of steel, cos you know that love kills". It shows a different kind of beauty, not like the optimistic hopelessness in Hang With Me, but one that looks ahead to dismal days of misery. We Dance To The Beat is highly reminiscent of Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do, robotic and a little random in its wordplay. There are quite some lines that are memorable like, "We dance to the beat of the continents shifting under our feet", "We dance to the beat of bad kissers clinking teeth", and "We dance to the beat of your brain not evolving fast enough" (apparently Robyn is so musical she can sense beats in our brain's evolution), but it just doesn't cut it.

Criminal Intent, a track that runs in mechanical half-rap, has Robyn explaining herself to the judge in court for getting "somewhat X-rated on the floor" and the chorus is something I can put on loop and never get tired of. U Should Know Better is a collabo track with Snoop Dogg where the duo exchange badass raps, with Robyn getting the most hilarious ones ("It’s all oh la la and oui-oui | Because I’m sipping bleu blanc in my lingerie | Chopping heads off with my damn guillotine | Even the French know better than to fuck with me"). The album closes with the acoustic version of Indestructible, and right as the string section begun I had a feeling that this would be a HUGE song. Robyn's vocals have been left raw, without all that silly autotuning, and the gorgeousness of it hand-in-hand with the instrumentals create a breathtaking, heartwrenching number of epic proportions that ends Body Talk Pt. 2 on a brilliant note.

Compared to its predecessor, Body Talk Pt. 2 is set on being notable, with more than just one standout track. Though most of the songs are backed with synthesizers, Robyn still manages to tug on a few heartstrings with her lyrical genius. We all know that Robyn has three mini album releases this year, but there's just a certain satisfaction that only a full LP can give. What I'm saying, I guess, is that the experience is cut short of fulfillment. Nonetheless, it's a great release worth your time.



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