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Roughly a month ago, our ears witnessed the debut of Swedish girlband Love Generation called... well, Love Generation, and though cheesy as it is, the RedOne-produced track is highly contagious and enthusiastic. The video is along the lines of so-so, with a little cringe-y choreography at the latter half. Watch it below.

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  1. rcLoy says:

    OMG. I love this song but this video is crap. BTW did you notice the blatant rip off of Ida Corr VS Fedde Le Grand's Let Me Think About It? Not the whole song but the beat "da da da.."?

  2. Yes, I've noticed the Let Me Think About It ripoff. 50% of why I love the song is because of that, though.

  3. rcLoy says:

    Kat! I don't think that's a good thing now, would it? We can't give so much love and credit to ripoff materials! Unless it's a cover. Hahahahaha.

  4. I know, it's very unfair! But the "da da da" bits are most memorable and I can't say the song will be the same without it.

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