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The WantedThey are The WANTED.

I'm always a little late to these things, aren't I?

'Quite new' British boyband The Wanted are proving to be a very promising lot, having received tons of praises for their debut single, All Time Low. It's been floating around since May, and I seriously have no idea why I've ignored this until now, and I'm certainly glad a little boredom and curiosity urged me to give it a go.

All Time Low is a pleasant surprise. I braced myself for cheesy hooks and generic love-jabbing lines, and what came through my speakers was this mature, not-your-average-boyband, quality tune with strong lyrics. I honestly couldn't care less if they ripped off that brilliant string section! The way I see it, The Wanted represents a boyband crossbreed, one that is still eligible for fangirl-hounding and at the same time possesses enough musicality to be taken seriously.

Based on the video, let me introduce the members of The Wanted in their assigned colours (since The Saturdays aren't exactly doing this at the moment):

Max, the most vocally present one. (PHWOAR!)
Tom, Austin Drage's lost twin.
Siva, sexiest name ever.
Nathan, master of the 'boyband hand gestures'.
Jay, the victor in pulling off sad faces.

All Time Low is set for a #1 debut on the UK charts this week. This band is ace.

Get your copy from iTunes here.

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