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So who's aching for some fresh talent in the music scene approved by top producers Calvin Harris and Dallas Austin, hm? Get ready for RICHARD JAY, one serious pop prodigy at seventeen(!), who's quite a busy bee in the studio as he writes, records, produces, and masters his own material. He's been floating around the interwebs for some time, garnering the interest of BBC and thus being featured on a variety of radio shows. The young aspirant is also taking part in the latest Converse campaign promoting new talents on the block, to which they described Richard Jay as a "creative centipede".

We're all in for artists who create their music in a do-it-yourself manner, and the electropop genre Jay dabbles in suits him well. His breezy, effortless songs are perforated with sparkly synths and 'nonchalant' warbling that provide no less than a lush listening experience. His best one so far is the glittery Today which features nattily layered vocals against throbbing synthesizers. Honestly, Jay reminds me of a certain 'kickass' seventeen year old who's one of Pop from the Block's favorites, and there's been some buzz that he'll be working with her soon!

Aside from Today, Richard Jay has a couple more interesting tracks that's bound to have you groveling (okay a little exaggerated there) for more. Have a listen below.

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The official website.

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