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Sometimes I go through phases where I just can't resist wasting my time making silly mock covers. This is one of those, my dear readers. I have a plethora of sorrows to sing to you, but let's stick those in the next couple of posts and get on with this one. Sounds good? Great.

Despite Commander being a total dance smash, Kelly Rowland isn't ready to introduce her disco diva side to the States quite yet. Produced by Dr. Luke who's spawned Tik Tok, California Gurls, For Your Entertainment, and Circus, Rose Colored Glasses is an RnB stomper at its finest, though I do think these sort of tunes are very usual and would possibly be snubbed by the charts without proper promo. The midtempo track has a wistful urban pop vibe (and I'm a sucker for these) but with other artists pushing the envelope, Rose Colored Glasses is thrown into the pile of 'above average' music.



Yes, it's still a 4/5 because it hits the my spot despite of its 'usualness' etc etc.

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