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So I've thrown a flurry (OKAY maybe two or three) of new artists here the past few days, because there's just a lot of very fresh and exciting tunes circling the web. The latest one that dropped in my inbox is Painkillers by Lauren Pritchard. She was part of the original broadway cast of Spring Awakening, and after that signed to a US label who "wanted to make here all sugar-coated and saccharine" so Lauren ended the deal and moved to the UK, getting picked up by Island Records.

Painkillers is by no means 'sugar-coated' or 'saccharine'. It's a soulful little number, reminiscent of Adele and Duffy, among others. The broody ambiance of the track completely matches the vocal ability of Lauren, rich and powerful yet very controlled. Another song of hers, When The Night Kills The Day, is a piano-led sweeper: dark, haunting, and gorgeous. Lauren Pritchard possesses a certain depth that is very welcome to my ears, and an 'IT' factor that just oozes with potential.

Lauren Pritchard on MySpace.
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The official website.

Download a remix of Painkillers for FREE.

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