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So V Sevani has been circulating around the music industry for a while now, as he was a part of American boy band NLT, and then eventually parted with them to go solo. This track has been around since December 2009, and I know it's not "new" but it definitely is brilliant. Love Pop is a lyrical hodgepodge frenzy of songs from a wide variety of artists including Rihanna, Jason Derulo, Mariah Carey, Kings of Leon, Drake, Justin Bieber, and also goes all the way back to Destiny's Child, TLC, Journey, and even The Beatles. It sounds slightly impossible even if I haven't gone through the list of all the artists featured here, but V is some sort of medley mastermind. Oh, there's also Bon Jovi and the Backstreet Boys. (PS: This features Back at One by Brian McKnight and 3 by Britney at the same time, so ready yourself.)

Let the madness ensue while you enjoy this clip:


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  1. atsie says:

    hey.. thanks for sharing, its kinda interesting :)

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