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You're watching your favorite TV show, and suddenly this amazetacular song plays out just as the show hits the cliffhanger. You scramble frantically, searching for the tune on the charts, but to no avail. This is where Pop from the Block comes in. Soundtrack Spotlight will feature the songs we all want to know and love just as much as the mainstream.

From the show that lent a hand to bands such as The Fray and Snow Patrol, Grey's Anatomy brings us more songs for our listening pleasure. I give you 14 outstanding tracks from the series, including Daniel Powter, Paolo Nutini, Ingrid Michaelson, and many other artists that are just as good.

1. The Bird and the Bee - My Love
Inara George and Greg Kurstin have done it again. My Love is very pleasant to listen to, full of snaps and claps, and subtle synths. There is definitely an electro feel to it, though it is very subtle, and when coupled with Inara's vocals, makes it a pretty darn good track.

2. Emiliana Torrini - Jungle Drum
This Icelandic artist knows how to have some fun with words in Jungle Drum, and the bits that go "Brakatumkumtukutukutum" are just brilliant.

3. Erin McCarley - Pitter-Pat
Reminiscent of Vanessa Carlton, Pitterpat is a piano-led, pop stomper with a sweeping chorus, and very fit for mainstream.

4. Anya Marina - All The Same To Me
A dark, soulful track from Anya Marina. The brass playing in the background and Anya's almost-haunting voice make for an unusual but good combination.

5. Ingrid Michaelson - Turn To Stone
You might have heard of a song called The Way I Am, and indeed, that's Ingrid Michaelson. The lady we always see with a ukulele brings us Turn To Stone, a beautifully wistful tune, from her album Be OK.

6. Greg Laswell - Days Go On
The American singer/songwriter with three studio albums under his belt makes a great addition to the Grey's Anatomy compilation with Days Go On, a soul number with a sprinkle of angst.

7. Daniel Powter - Am I Still The One?
You might have heard of Bad Day a while back in 2008, and that was pretty brilliant. Now Daniel Powter brings us a track with hints of melancholy (unlike Bad Day) and a proper-sounding chorus.

8. Joy Williams - Charmed Life
Joy Williams has many songwriting credits, including one in Idol finalist David Archuleta's album, entitled Waiting for Yesterday, and Jennette McCurdy (iCarly). Charmed Life is a pop ballad with tinkling piano strokes and easy on the ears.

9. Joshua Radin - One of Those Days
Sharing the stage with Sheryl Crow and Imogen Heap among others, Joshua Radin has been featured in more than 10 TV shows to date. One of Those Days is an acoustics-heavy track, and Radin's cool, soothing vocals make it all themore enjoyable to listen to.

10. Mat Kearney - Breathe In, Breathe Out
A clean, guitar-led production, Breathe In, Breathe Out is a pop/rock song great for unwinding and relaxing. The smooth Mat Kearney vocals remind me of a Chris Martin/John Mayer type.

11. The Bird and the Bee - Again and Again
Inara and Greg came up with Again and Again, where the snaps are once again present, along with tambourines.

12. Brandi Carlile - The Story
A beautiful and wistful song, The Story showcases Carlile's great vocal ability, and has also been featured on CNN's Amanpour. The arrangement with the electric guitar gets two thumbs up.

13. Robert Randolph and the Family Band - Ain't Nothing Wrong With That
Also featured on The Game Plan and Stomp The Yard, Ain't Nothing Wrong With That is a feelgood song with funk and soul vibes, and the guitar composition is BRILLIANT.

14. Paolo Nutini - Million Faces
From the artist who brought us Last Request from 2006, Paolo Nutini is applauded once more with Million Faces, a rad folk/pop/soul track with a good theme.

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