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Everyone's favorite English band is back with a bang! After bringing us three UK #1 albums, Keane enlists rapper K'naan of Troubadour fame for this no-less-than brilliant track. Stop for a Minute is the first single off their fourth studio album entitled Night Train. The track had its digital release in April 5 and April 11 in the UK and US, respectively.

There isn't anything not worth loving in Stop for a Minute. It's one of those almost perfect amalgams of piano-driven tracks and hip hop. K'naan infuses his own style without getting lost in Tom Chaplin's vocals, and the result is one very smooth sailing, radio-friendly anthem that might drive you insane just because it's SO DAMN GOOD. If Keane manages to balance and merge different genres together like this in Night Train, then they're set for another chart domination.



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