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Canadian singer/songwriter/guitarist/drummer/pianist/WoW geek LIGHTS has been floating around the music scene for a while and has released her 13-track album, The Listening, back in 2009. Since then, Valerie Anne Poxleitner has been touring 'round her home country, as well as the UK and is now joining Owl City (Jan-May).

Experimenting with synths since she was thirteen, Lights gives us a musical, pop-oozed ride with singles like Saviour (FREE download link below), an infectious, keyboard-led number that would sound well off with one of those Disney-Pixar films (think Meet the Robinsons). As much as I find autotuning unpleasant, it works perfectly in Saviour. And you might be thinking that I'm throwing some generic eurotrash in your face when you heard the word synths, but that is not the case here since: a)she's not even euro; b)The Listening is very, very listenable; and c) the video for Saviour is fantacular (yes, that's a word now).

Lights describes her music as "a nervous sheep straddling a rocket to bring a daisy to a wolf in stilletos waiting lonely on the moon", and whatever that means, it must be something along the lines of pure pop goodness. Another song of hers, which was used in an Old Navy campaign, is February Air, a wistful ode to the wintry weather of love. It's like Kate Voegele meets the keytar, and it's BRILLIANT.

Why you should listen to Lights:
If you're in for a pop adventure to Wonderland, this is it. Very listenable music that can put a smile on your face.

Recommended songs: Saviour, Ice, February Air

Here is the video for Saviour (WARNING: Extremely colourful and cartoon-y).

FREE download of Saviour (plus the Owl City & Lights tour poster) here.

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on YouTube.

The Listening will be released in the UK on May 17th this year.

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