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Let's take a detour from the pop scene with indie singer/songwriter and amazing guitarist Tristan Clopet.

Tristan Clopet means business in his second EP, entitled Purple. This six-track EP packs quite a punch, leaving us wanting for a full album. In a short span of 24 minutes, Purple tells us the musical direction Tristan is headed, and that he takes his art seriously (as it should be). To make this entry long, here's a track by track analysis of Purple.

It opens with a typical rockstar, sort-of Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute track, Proximity Bomb. Although lyrically inept, Proximity Bomb is practically tailored for concerts, with the imagined crowd incessantly shouting "PROXIMITY BOMB! PROXIMITY BOMB!"

So Alive, Clopet's new single, sounds very commercial. Commercial, in the sense that 'this is what the mainstream rock scene ought to be listening to'. This song easily reminds me of U2, what with its chorus and the way Clopet prolongs the words "so alive".

Starting off with what seems like rapping, Ethereal Evidence is another track that is reminiscent of Chili Peppers. The resemblance of this tune to the material of Chili Peppers is quite uncanny, and that in itself suggests his lack of originality.

Superficiality Is A Sin best showcases Clopet's great guitar skills and his musical bearing. For me, this is the song that conveys the perspective he's coming from, and where he ought to go.

I applaud Clopet's ability to create beautiful guitar instrumentals in Love And A Question. One of the more soulful songs in the EP, Clopet says, "I got love and a question, one thing I never knew is what I was to you, can you hear me?" This by far is my favorite track from the EP.

Black Panther Party takes another stab at rap, and in my opinion, comes through as too poetic ("With every chemical dependency you take a piece of me. Never do your actions not effect the faction") . It sounds like a rather bad B-side and a really awful album ender.

Tristan Clopet has a lot of work to do as an aspiring artist, but he's on the right track with songs like So Alive and Love And A Question. Purple comes off as one of those albums you've definitely heard before with its similarities to more eminent artists. Clopet has the creativity to produce original tracks, he just has to find it within him.


Tristan Clopet's official site.

Download the EP here.

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