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Chloe Swaby - Artist feature
Now, I'm not exactly the biggest fan of country music, but add in some pop and a catchy hook or two-- and even the Swedes will turn their heads (or ears rather) around. Hertfordshire-based artist Chloe Swaby proves that overlapping synths and electronic sampling are no substitues for organic instruments in her country pop debut EP Gypsy Lane.

The lead single, Racing Car, is a track tailor-made for the radio. I honestly didn't expect the chorus to be so catchy! It's one of those songs that easily win you over after the first play. Having lived in Ghana working as a volunteer, Chloe Swaby possesses the ability to translate her experiences into lyrical stories that hold actual authenticity. And it's that same factor that makes her music so appealing and relatable.

Listen to the Gypsy Lane EP below:

Racing Car is now available on iTunes.

Chloe Swaby on Twitter | MySpace | Facebook

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    Great article and a great find, thanks!

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